My Covid Experience

My Covid Experience

We were joking in my math class. “Have you heard about this virus in China?”, “I heard it came from a bat!”, “Do you think China engineered the virus to kill off their old people?” We all laughed at the joke. It was funny because it was on a different continent. It couldn’t affect us. We were far away.

We were safe.

I remember that the World Of Science Club was hosting a Lunch With A Scientist when the announcement sounded over the PA system. We were dismissed from school early and were told we would return on Monday. I had no foresight that we wouldn’t come back till the next year. It was just a few extra days that I could sleep in and then I would go back, definitely before the end of the year. We never did.

School was cancelled. I had thought this was an overreaction. North Reading was known for holding off on shutting down the school until the last moment. Mr. Bernard had us going to school when every other school around us had a snow day.  I still didn’t realize the seriousness of the virus and assumed the new Superintendent was more cautious. Over the course of the next few weeks, I read conspiracy theories, some preposterous but others plausible. But this was still just a joke in a math classroom. It wasn’t real. 

My realization grew along with the number of cases. Maybe this wasn’t what we had thought it was. It was sometime in those weeks when I think I finally realized the severity of our problem. Unfortunately, not everybody fully grasped the concept and quite a few still don’t. 

This year has been a particularly stressful one and I’m still not sure if Covid is the main factor. The Junior year workload and the looming election were and are definitely on the forefront of my mind. This wasn’t including the stress of being involved in many different clubs. (Many of which I had a leadership role) They only just started up again and now I can add that on to the amount of stress this year.

Then there are the sports. Thankfully, we were able to have a great soccer season this year but the rules were very different. Players were required to wear masks on and off the field at all times and many of the rules were changed. I was worried at the beginning of the season about how that would work. Now the challenge of Indoor sports comes to mind. It is very unlikely that we will have a season because we have nowhere to compete in. Even if Reggie (the indoor track that everyone uses) was open, it is still a small place to have four teams with more than 100 kids each. That isn’t including officials or coaches. Even if I don’t get an indoor track season I REALLY want an outdoor season. In freshman year, I threw the javelin and discus. Because of Covid, I never got to throw last year. (The school closed the DAY before we were supposed to start 🙁 ugh) I really want to throw this year so here’s to hoping the school won’t close again.

How the heck have the schools not closed yet? I mean, I know we are doing hybrid learning and I know we are wearing masks but I’m shocked that we haven’t had an outbreak yet. (knock on wood…I probably just jinxed it) Hybrid learning isn’t horrible though. It’s much better than full remote, what we did last year after school was closed. I definitely have trouble focusing in class when I’m at home. I much prefer learning in person.

There are many other things I could talk about; the Black Lives Matter, I got my license 2 months late, not being able to help my friend move, or not seeing my family at parties.  COVID has had an impact on so many different parts of my life that I think I will forever be changed by this experience  and I know many of my peers think the same.

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Samantha Magner

Samantha Magner is the Editor of Sports for The Deliberator website. In her free time, she likes to play soccer, track, and come up with puns.

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