2021 Hackathon for Bright and Curious Youth by Hack3

24 high school hackathon taking place from June 26-27

It’s no surprise that last year was shocking and eventful. But this year, a couple of friends and I are planning to make it super special by hosting a hackathon called Hack3, which will take place for 24 hours from June 26-27. Hack3 is a global online coding competition that aims to empower high school students to learn computer science, especially for youth in underrepresented communities to bridge the socioeconomic divide. We hope that by bringing students of all backgrounds together, we will be able to foster innovation, creativity, and create new lifelong friendships for hackers.

At Hack3, I serve as the Outreach Director. My role includes reaching out to prospective mentors, sponsors, and of course, participants. I was inspired to help host a hackathon thanks to my very first experience attending one. By meeting talented students who were passionate about everything from gaming to graphic design to algorithmic programming, my first hackathon was a key catalyst in opening my eyes to all of the opportunities that lie in innovation. Too many students look at STEM as a strict, math-y discipline when in reality, it’s dynamic and always changing. We want to help change that perception.

In 2020, we connected nearly 300 students of all skill levels, to learn to build novel projects that positively impacted the world. Over 100 attended our free classes led by industry professionals to learn new skills . Over 20 mentors were in our helpdesk to help participants when they needed help. Last year, our judges, mentors, and workshop instructors were affiliated with the likes of Stanford, Harvard, Amazon, NetApp, and Wikipedia.

This year, with the lessons learned from 2020, we aim to host a competition consisting of over 350 participants, while targeting underprivileged communities around the world. To help achieve our goal of providing a learning opportunity for everyone, we will be sponsoring internet access to those who need it to truly level the playing field for all.

We need your help to make our vision possible — where for three days for hours, attendees will be able to attend workshops and request one-on-one guidance to turn an idea into a basic product — a reality. If you’re a high schooler who wants to try your hand at building a project that will solve an imminent problem in the world, you can check out our website at hack3.co and register for Hack3 this summer at our DevPost here. You can collaborate with friends to build projects that tackle any issue from climate change to racial injustice. The sky’s the limit! And please, ask me if you have any questions at amanda@hack3.co.

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Amanda Sherman

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