The Wedge Season

The Wedge Season

Welcome to the Wedge Season! The season where some of the fall sports and winter sports are found. From the Fall we have Football and Volleyball and from the Winter we have Winter Track and Cheerleading. The season has looked very different from previous seasons because of the change in time of year that the sport takes place. Football, which once went from warmer weather to colder temperatures, saw a change this year and started when there was snow on the ground. Track has been practicing outside and had their meet outside when normally it would take place exclusively indoors. Volleyball and Cheerleading are less affected because they usually stay inside but certain athletes are missing a season because two of the sports they normally play are occurring at the same time. 

My experience as a track and field athlete has also been different this year. As expressed in the paragraph above, we have started to train outside instead of inside which has greatly affected our competition. When training in the winter, we would have to split the gym with basketball and wouldn’t have a ton to do if there was snow on the ground. 

One of the football coaches, Mr. Campobasso, made a statement on his thoughts about the Wedge Season. He said that although the seasons were shorter than usual, he was glad that the practices brought about some form of normalcy. “I hate teaching in this hybrid model because I feel like I’m not talking to half of the students. At least when I’m coaching I know that everyone is there and listening to me.” He also went on to say that he was also grateful that they had a season at all. “I’m just glad that we were able to play. And I know that the seasons are shorter but I’m just happy that the guys get a chance to have a season.” 

Other students said that playing at a different time of year was a big difference. Some students had to choose between sports and which one they would play. And although that’s unfortunate for many, most seem to agree that time sent in the season was better than none at all.

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