Emma Galbraith

Emma Galbraith is a Freshman and the Editor of Current Events in the NRHS Newspaper. She went to the L.D. Batchelder School for elementary school and she loves to write fiction stories and science articles, which is why she joined the club. She has been on the staff of the middle school’s newspaper for 3 years and is excited to write for the high school!

Emma is fond of cats, dragons, and ice cream cake. Her hobbies include writing, drawing, playing guitar, playing video games, playing golf, and practicing karate. She also loves to read fantasy and science fiction novels. Her favorite subjects are Science and English, and she is a part of Art Club, Book Club, Literary Magazine, and the Eco Team this year.

In addition to being the Current Events Editor of the newspaper staff, Emma writes short stories (which are usually about dragons, aliens, and/or magic-wielding domestic cats) and articles on science and the environment.